Code reviews sitting idle?
CadenceBot helps your team move faster by organizing code reviews

Code reviews without spamming comms

CadenceBot automatically posts code review requests and keeps relevant people in the loop

You don't have to feel like a street peddler waving your arms around selling your pull request

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GitHub Integration

See what's open by asking CadenceBot

No more context switching or waiting for replies.
Simply ask CadenceBot

Early beta, our invitation to you

Our goal is to reduce the overhead involved in creating the things we love.
We'd love for you to get involved and help us explore the future of CadenceBot.

In all endeavours it is smart to start small. Join us in our first foray: simplifying code reviews.

One of our primary goals is to get everyone involved in growing CadenceBot. Here are a few ways you can contribute.

Help us figure out what to do next

Request features for us to work on. Vote on what we should work on next.

Get involved in the company's direction

Talk with the team directly and other CadenceBot users. All feedback is welcome!

Old school, contacting us directly

Let us know how we are doing and what we can do better.


Ben's Phone: (1) 226-972-7869

Twitter: Tweet at us.